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Política de privacidad

Obtenga más información sobre sus derechos de privacidad

Cookies Policy 

What is a cookie? 

It is a file sent to the user's browser, which must be accepted in advance, to know its behavior within a specific website and make more efficient its experience with content relevant to its interests; third-party cookies are used on this page. 

What is a web beacon? 

They are images placed on the website or email to monitor the behavior of the user. When the image is loaded it stores data like the browser used, the IP address, the time spent on the page, among others. 

What are third-party cookies? 

Third-party cookies are the ones that are set by a website other than the one that is being visited at that moment: the action is made by a third party. Two examples are the banners of an advertiser or the buttons of social networks on the page that is being visited. 
Generally, advertising agencies, online marketing, affiliates, and advertisers use them to track visits to each site where they are advertised. 
Here we share information about the cookies of the social networks that this website uses in its own cookies policies: 
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YouTube Cookies, more information in their cookies policy

How do I delete third-party cookies from my browser? 

These can be disabled; however, by doing so it is likely that you will not access certain custom features on our website. 
To remove cookies from the website, you must go to your browser settings, search for the cookies associated with the domain and proceed to delete them. 
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