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Exterior of a cathedral near Vista Playa de Oro Manzanillo
Huts & sunbeds on a beach near Vista Playa de Oro Manzanillo

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Things to Do in Manzanillo Mexico

Hotel Vista Playa de Oro Manzanillo is located in Manzanillo, Mexico in the state of Colima. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it is known as the country’s most important high-altitude port, aligned with the navigation routes of the Far East, North, Central and South America.

Manzanillo’s geographical location allows it to offer wonderful landscapes, exotic sunsets, beautiful beaches dressed in golden sand, spectacular views of the bay and sunny days with average temperatures above 22 degrees Celsius, making Manzanillo beaches a very attractive destination.

Located a short drive from the heart of Manzanillo, Mexico, our hotel offers effortless access to a diverse range of attractions and things to do. When planning your Manzanillo adventure, our team will be happy to recommend fun activities to enjoy and see as well as assist with tours, tickets, transportation and anything else you might need.

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La Boquita

La Boquita is located at the northern end of Santiago Bay, a relaxing beach with gentle waves and its own lagoon. It's safe for children and babies.

Centro de Manzanillo

Just 20 minutes by car or local transportation from Vista Playa de Oro Manzanillo, this is where you'll discover the friendly side of the inhabitants ffrom this area.

Pueblo magico de Comala

Just 15 minutes north of the capital city of the State of Colima, you'll find Comala, which in Nahuatl means "place where there are comales."

Ciudad de Colima

Several operators offer daily tours of the beautiful colonial city. Or you can unleash your adventurous spirit by taking the bus. The bus station is only 15 minutes from the hotel and has modern vehicles that will transport you in comfort to the city of your choice.

Volcan de Colima

The whimsical forms of nature formed two volcanoes known as "Nevado de Colima" and "Volcán del Fuego." The first is commonly covered in snow during winter. So it's usually visited between November and March. 

Deportes Acuaticos

Manzanillo is the host of two international fishing tournaments with great prizes, also known as "the capital of sailfish."


Vista Playa de Oro Manzanillo is in front of one of the most extensive and beautiful beaches of Manzanillo's three bays, which is Playa de Miramar.

Grutas San Gabriel

Located one hour from Colima, it's an unforgettable experience.


Enjoy spectacular views as the sun falls on "La Ola Verde" in Cuyutlán, one of the best surfing spots in Mexico. 

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