¡Welcome to Manzanillo!

Vista de Oro Manzanillo is located in Manzanillo, in the State of Colima in the golden Mexican Pacific Ocean, known as the most important port, established aligned with the navigation routes of the Far East, North, Central and South America.

Its geographical location allows you to offer wonderful landscapes, exotic sunsets, beautiful beaches dressed in golden sand, spectacular views of the bay and sunny days with average temperatures above 22 ° C, making these beaches of Manzanillo a very attractive destination.


Vista Playa de Oro Manzanillo is in front of one of the most extensive and beautiful beaches of the three bays with which Manzanillo counts, which is the Playa de Miramar. Its more than three kilometers of beach have very calm areas for all bathers, and in other areas a moderate swell for the practice of Surf and Skim Board. The sand is golden with sparkles of gold, giving its name to our hotel.
It is a very busy beach, with many activities and events, giving it the strong human touch characteristic of Manzanillo.

La Boquita

La Boquita Is located at the northern end of the Bay of Santiago, a relaxing beach with soft waves and its own lagoon, safe for children and babies.
The small pergolas on this beach offer fresh seafood. Indulge your palate with the true Mexican flavor of tequila ice cream, mussels taken directly from the sea to your plate and a ceviche so fresh that it still tastes like sea water

Centro de Manzanillo

Only 20 minutes away by car or local transportation from Vista Playa de Oro Manzanillo where you will discover the friendly side of the locals, is the historic center of Manzanillo, where you can walk along its streets, enjoy a delicious tuba (drink extracted from palm trees ), Take a tour of its large and renovated dock and see a monument to sailfish made in wrought iron, to the local markets where you can buy fresh seafood, meats and vegetables.

Pueblo Mágico de Comala

Just 15 minutes north of the capital city of the State of Colima, you will find Comala, which in Nahuatl means "place where there are comales".
The name of Comala evokes the era when the artisans of the region produced mud comales. It is one of the most famous sites in Colima thanks to the legend, folklore and traditions that have been intertwined since it was poignantly mentioned in the novel "Pedro Páramo" by Juan Rulfo, the famous writer born in Jalisco. Its vast gastronomic variety of appetizers and appetizers accompanied by beer, punch, fresh waters and other drinks offered in the famous "Portales de Comala", has become a classic.

Ciudad de Colima

Several tour operators offer daily tours to the beautiful colonial city or you can give vent to your adventurous spirit by taking the bus; The bus station is only 15 minutes from the hotel and has modern vehicles that will take you in any comfort to the city of your choice.
Colima is a modern and quiet city sheltered by green valleys and imposing volcanoes, the faithful guardians of This Mexican province. Take a tour of its squares, museums and colonial buildings to know its fascinating culture and traditions.

Volcán de colima

The whimsical forms of nature formed two volcanoes known as "Nevado de Colima" and "Volcán del Fuego"; The first one is usually covered with snow during the winter, so it is usually visited between November and March. There are guided tours of this beautiful site, a protected national park that rises to 4330 meters above sea level. The second is an active volcano that reaches 3,600 meters in height, with a crater that measures 1,800 meters in diameter.

Deportes Acuáticos

Manzanillo is the host of two international fishing tournaments with great prizes and is known as "the capital of sailfish."
The conditions of the sea of Manzanillo are favorable for windsurfing, water skiing, diving and snorkeling; The latter especially close to the rocky areas around the Santiago Peninsula.

Grutas San Gabriel

Located one hour from Colima, it will become an unforgettable experience. The cave is impressive by its entry point to a hole that reaches the depths of the Earth. It is an impressive spectacle of colors and capricious shapes formed by stalactites and stalagmites, a true artistic jewel of Nature.


Enjoy spectacular views while the sun falls on Cuyutlan's "La Ola Verde", one of the best surfing spots in Mexico. Cuyutlán is a quiet and picturesque village located just an hour southeast of the port of Manzanillo, in the southeast part of the Laguna de Cuyutlán. The dark sand of its beaches is the result of the erosion of volcanic stones that delineate this stretch of coast. The whole region is well stocked with palm trees, juicy coconuts, and generous banana trees.

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